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City Center West Townhome Fee Increase


The City Center West Metro District is writing to inform the community about an increase in the fees associated with the townhomes.  As part of ongoing efforts to maintain and improve the community's infrastructure and services, the Board has approved a fee increase for the townhome residents to meet these goals effectively.
The Board of Directors approved the following fees at the Board meeting on November 7th:

            *  The townhome fee for 2024 is $137.50 per quarter for townhome residents. 

*  The single-family rate will remain the same at $87.50.
The decision to consider a fee adjustment was made after a thorough evaluation of the District’s 2024 budget, upcoming projects, and the need to ensure continued quality of services and facilities within the community. Through this review, the District found that many services are only being provided to the townhome residents.  

The Board understands that any fee increase may impact residents, and we want to assure residents a review is completed on the fees annually to assess impacts on the community's budget.  If you have your account setup on scheduled payments please login to update the amount scheduled to pay quarterly, the fee does not automatically update.
If you have questions, please reach out to the District at or visit the District’s website at

We appreciate your understanding of the need for this fee adjustment and thank you for your continued support in making the community a great place to call home.